Flight Review: Novoair – Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka

Flight Review: Novoair – Cox's Bazar to Dhaka

Flight: Novoair VQ 936
From: Cox’s Bazar (BKK) To: Dhaka (DAC)

I flew with Novoair from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka. I booked it on the Novoair website after comparing flights with Skyscanner.


There were four airlines to choose from on this route (Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair, Regent Airways, US-Bangla Airlines). I went with Novoair mainly for the time of day and the price. I had a midnight flight at Dhaka and I wanted to leave enough time to make the flight, so I got the 4pm flight. The ticket was 5600 BDT ($67.80 USD).

Usually booking on small airlines in Asia can be a pain, but the website of Novoair was a breeze to book. There were no extra hoops to jump through in the booking process, and they have more payment options than any airline I remember.

Payment options

As my check out time was midday and the flight was at 4pm, I did what I would normally do and went to the airport to wait in a cafe for a while. I didn’t really think this one through as the Cox’s Bazar airport is tiny. It’s a small shed with barely enough room for one airline to check in at a time. I found myself there with nothing else to do but catch up on my reading.


Novoair have been flying to Cox’s Bazar for 5 years.

Novoair 5th anniversary

The airport is so small that they don’t even use the modern bag tag here. I was delighted to see these old-school bag tags.

Novoair bagtag

No need for airbridges here.

Cox's Bazar Airport

The flight was with an ATR 72.

Novoair at Cox's Bazar

I like flying on the ATR 72 as it’s a change of pace from being on a 737/A320 all the time. The cabin is much smaller though, so they are fine for a one hour flight.

ATR seats

Novoneel – the inflight magazine of Novoair.

Novoneel Magazine

Novoair fly to destinations in Bangladesh, as well as Kolkata in India.

Route map

Novoair aren’t part of an airline alliance, but if you happened to be a frequent flyer in Bangladesh they have the Smiles frequent flyer program.

Smiles program

A simple lunch pack is served on the flight. The lunch was some kind of vegetable pastry bun and a packaged cake slice.


The scheduled flying time is one hour, arriving at Dhaka at 5pm. The flight was on time, so I had more than enough time for my next flight.

Novoair bus

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a baggage claim like this.

Domestic baggage claim

At the Dhaka domestic terminal, and now to my international flight.

Dhaka domestic terminal

Overall this was a good flight option from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka.

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