Guesthouse Review: Nagaland Guest House, Hong Kong

Guesthouse Name: Nagaland Guest House
Address: 14/F, Block D, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China.

Nagaland Guest House, Hong Kong

I stayed at the Nagaland Guest House in Hong Kong. I originally had booked in to the United Co-operate Hotel but upon arrival I was moved to the other guesthouse. I booked online for the rate of $24.70 USD

United Co-operate and Nagaland are located in the Chungking Mansions, which is a multi-purpose tower filled with budget guesthouses in Hong Kong. I have stayed here before at some other guesthouses, so I knew what to expect. It’s a weird place, and I have already written a guide to staying here. I recommend only staying if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to stay in a dorm, or if you just want to experience for yourself the freakshow that is the Chungking Mansions.

Chungking Mansions

When you arrive half the battle is finding how to get to the right elevator while navigating your way through all the shops. There are currency exchanges, tailors, mobile phone shops, Indian takeaways, and all sorts of other things, with shop owners from South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and of course China, trying to sell their wares.

Chungking foyer

I arrived at my guesthouse to find out I had to move. I initially thought that the hotel was overbooked, but on the door of the United Co-op there was a notice that if you have a booking to go to the Nagaland, so it looked like a permanent redirect. Not a big problem except that the guesthouses are located on different blocks of the building (there are blocks A to D). This meant going back downstairs and across to the lift that serves the other block. The lifts can be slow if there is someone using them to deliver goods.

The Nagaland is located on the 17th floor (the top floor) but the lifts were only in service to the 16th, so it meant going to the 16th and walking up one flight of stairs. If I hadn’t have stayed at this building before I would have wondered what I was getting myself into. Instead I knew this was another day at the Chungking Mansions.

When I booked I made sure to get a room with a window, as the windowless rooms feel like little coffins. I got a single room with attached bathroom, and the room had a window. The room length was enough to fit a small single bed and enough space to open the door fully. The bed is high off the floor with space underneath for large bags.

The bed itself was comfortable but the length was about 6 feet. I am 6’1″ in the old-speak, so I wasn’t able to lie fully straight, so I was lying down at an angle.

Nagaland bed

The bathroom was one of the bigger bathrooms I’ve had at the Mansions, and it also had a window that opened to the outside, which made a great difference. Most of the rooms here wouldn’t have had that option, so I was getting a room that was better than most. The hot water system worked well and the room was clean and tidy. The sink could have used some shelf space.

Nagaland bathroom

The wifi was good in my room, and there was a tv but I didn’t use. I didn’t sleep well as I kept touching either wall with my head or feet. Some of the guesthouses here recommend that if you are a tall or large person to stay in a single.

Book the Nagaland Guest House online or search for more hotels in Hong Kong. If you’d prefer a bigger room check out my guide on where to stay in Hong Kong.

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