Guesthouse Review: Moon House, Bangkok – Thailand

Hotel Name: Moon House
Address: Soi Sri Bamphen, Bangkok, Thailand

Guesthouse Review: Moon House, Bangkok - Thailand

I stayed at Moon House guesthouse in the old Soi Ngam Duphli backpacker neighbourhood of Bangkok. Before Khao San Road become the backpacker haven in Bangkok this area was where backpackers used to go. I was staying in the neighbourhood reviewing some different accommodation options which is how I found this place.

Moon House doesn’t have an online presence so it’s best to walk in off the street to enquire. I was quoted 400 baht a night but was offered 350 baht a night ($10 USD) for staying for two nights. This is an amazing price given that this is in central Bangkok, about 10 minutes walk from Lumphini Park metro station.

This sort of guesthouse reminded me of the older places on Khao San Road, in the days when you didn’t book in advance. My room was a double with A/C and private bathroom. I walked in and saw the giant mattress, which was more like a queen size than double. Unfortunately the mattress was so hard – even with that much height – that it was uncomfortable to sleep on. I ended up using the blanket as an extra padding.

Moon House bed

The room had a work desk but the only power outlet was next to the door. These older places didn’t have a need for multiple outlets, when backpackers weren’t carrying a bag of electronics. Fortunately my Monster Powerstrip gave me extra outlets and a bit of extra cable length.

The air conditioner was noisy and temperamental, but got the job done.


The bathroom had instant hot water and a good sink and toilet. The floor drain was slow though so a little lake of water would form while having a shower.


There is free wifi here which worked the same in my room and downstairs in the dining area. The guesthouse has its own kitchen with a public restaurant, which has usual backpacker fare (eg banana pancakes). I tried out the classic Thailand foreigner breakfast – the ABF (American Breakfast) – which was like most other APF’s I’ve had; instant coffee, fake jam, and imitation juice. This was 120 baht ($3.45 USD).

American breakfast

Overall this would have been an acceptable cheapo place if it wasn’t for the mattress feeling like sleeping on a rock. If you’re shoestring backpacking and want to stay in central Bangkok rather than Khao San Road, then this might be a reasonable option for you. To stay here just turn to Soi Sri Bamphen and look around for available rooms.

To book somewhere else in advance search for more places to stay in Bangkok. .

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