Hotel Review: Hotel Continental Penang, George Town – Malaysia

Hotel Review: Hotel Continental Penang, George Town - Malaysia

Guesthouse Name: Hotel Continental Penang.
Address: 5 Jalan Penang, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

I stayed at the Hotel Continental Penang in Georgetown, Penang. I booked online at the rate of $40USD, which doesn’t include local tax collected at the hotel. That was a discounted rate and not a bad deal for a 3-Star hotel in Georgetown. The taxes are a 10 MYR per night national tax on foreigners, plus a MYR 2 per room per night tax levied on 0 to 3-star hotels by the City Council of Penang.

Hotel in Penang

The hotel is located on Penang Road in what is the Buffer Zone of the UNESCO World Heritage area. Anywhere inside this area is the best place to stay in Georgetown. Penang Road is the limit of where big hotels are, so you are as close as you’ll get if you want to be in a centrally-located big hotel.

Hotel Continental Penang

After staying in so many small hotels in Georgetown it’s quite a site to see such a big reception area. I noted that the hotel is also popular with tour groups, especially as buses can drop passengers off outside and there is enough room for big groups.


After checking in I went to my room, and I was delighted to (partially) see the sea from my room.

Room with a view

My double bed was more queen-sized, and the bed was very comfortable. The room was also ample in size and tastefully furnished. The light switches weren’t too confusing, and there were power outlets in useful locations.


A nice work desk and chair without any clutter on the table.


And here was the actual view from my room. The booking site says partial view of the sea, so it depends on what room you get. My room had a view of the Eastern And Oriental Hotel, which I viewed in aspiration to hope to be able to stay there one day.

View of the sea

I had mixed feelings about the bathroom. It was clean and kept in perfect working order, but being an old hotel it has the shower in the bathtub, and it was a hassle getting in and out of. I definitely prefer walk-in showers. The space around the sink is a good model of what a bathroom sink should look like (ie lots of space without having to worry about balancing things on shelves).


There is tea and coffee making facilities in the room, and free drinking water is provided.

Tea and coffee

There is also a pool area outside.


There is a buffet breakfast and that was included in my room stay. There is a small selection of Asian and Western breakfast standards, but in the end I went out for Indian breakfast.


If you prefer you can order in with the room service. The prices are very seasonably priced, though they could do without serving shark-fin soup.

Room service

There is free wifi throughout the hotel, and I had no problem connecting my two devices during my stay.

Overall this was a great place to stay if you’re looking for mid-range accommodation in Penang. The hotel has been kept in good condition, and even though some of the furnishing may look a little out-dated, everything was kept in top maintenance and in good condition.

Book the Hotel Continental Penang online or search for more hotels in Penang.

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