Guesthouse Review: Farang Bar Guesthouse, Chumphon – Thailand

Hotel Name: Farang Bar Guesthouse
Address: 69/36 T. Thatapao, Chumphon, Thailand

Farang Bar Guesthouse, Chumphon - Thailand

I stayed at the Farang Bar Guesthouse in Chumphon, Thailand. I booked online for $7.95 USD per night.

Chumphon is not exactly a place that tourists flock to, but if you are on your way to Koh Tao you can fly here and get the ferry. Most of the guesthouses I saw in Chumphon seemed to cater for those who had missed the last ferry. There is also a ferry that leaves in the evening and travels overnight, so guesthouses such as this one also cater for travellers who want to rest in a room for the day if they arrived early in the morning.

I had arrived from Ko Phayam that day and I was slowly making my way overland to Bangkok so I stopped in Chumphon to break up the journey.

Farang is Thai for foreigner (also transliterated as Falang). The name of the guesthouse is very literal as it is a foreigners bar and guesthouse. The bar/restaurant is in the front and it’s a nice little garden setting and an old wooden structure.

As for the rooms they are basic. I got a single room with shared bathroom. There were two beds in my room which took up the whole width of the room. The mattresses were firm but not backbreaking and they only had a little blanket as a topsheet.


The room was hot in the day time and didn’t seem to cool down in the evening. It felt several degrees cooler when I stepped outside to go to the toilet. The room had a single fan, which shared the one power outlet near the door (which is why I travel with a power strip).

Power outlet

The shared toilet and showers are out the back of the property which were basic but clean enough.

Shared shower and toilet

Overall this was a pretty run-down place to stay but I didn’t expect much for something at this price. As they are catering for travellers who missed the boat I don’t they would be getting many repeat customers.

Book the Farang Bar Guesthouse online or search for other hotels in Chumphon.

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