Hotel Review: Binh An Hotel, Nha Trang – Vietnam

Hotel Review: Binh An Hotel, Nha Trang - Vietnam

Hotel Name: Binh An Hotel
Address: 28H Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Nha Trang, Vietnam

I stayed at the Binh An Hotel in Nha Trang. I booked it for its price and location in Nha Trang. I also booked it for its rating, which received a whopping 9/10 on Agoda.

I’ve stayed in this area before and I recalled it being my preferred area to stay. On this trip I also stayed at the Nha Trang Inn, which is in a more touristic area of the city.

Binh An Hotel

There are lots of hotels and guesthouses on the street Binh An Hotel is on, but it feels more local compared to the main hotel area, where most of the Russian travel shops are.

Hoang Hoa Tham Street

The Binh An is a typical Vietnamese building that is tall and skinny. When I arrived I got a warm welcome from the owners and they took me up to my room.

Binh An Reception

There are two rooms on each floor and the stairwell is in the middle of the building, so all the rooms have a window. Sometimes these building are deep, with a room in the middle with no window.

I sot a single room which was actually a double and single room. The room was felt fresh and well-maintained and everything worked, and the bed was comfortable. The fan was enough to keep the room cool, and I had no problem with the wifi.


They brought some free bananas to my room, which was a nice touch. A big water is 10,000 VND (.44 USD).

Free bananas

The bathroom had a window at the top of the room facing the stairwell, so it was well ventilated. The bathroom clean and tidy. The hot water was from outside the room and took a few minutes to get going.

Binh An bathroom

Some free books to read in the hallway.


The hotel can arrange tours, motorbike hire, and onward transport.

Hotel Services

There is a breakfast advertised at $3USD, which I had. The breakfast was three eggs of your style, a pile of bread for toasting, a yogurt, fruit (dragonfruit or banana), and coffee.


Overall this was a great hotel to stay at, and certainly worthy of its 9 rating for a hotel in this class.

Book the Binh An Hotel online or search for more hotels in Nha Trang.

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