Guesthouse Review: 333 Guesthouse, Battambang – Cambodia

Guesthouse Name: 333 Guesthouse
Address: No.102, Group 41, Battambang, Cambodia

333 Guesthouse, Battambang - Cambodia

I stayed at the 333 Guesthouse Battambang, Cambodia. I booked it online for $5 a night.

I booked it mainly because I wanted to see what a five-dollar-a-night hotel looks like. It turns out that Battambang has lots of cheap accommodation, and better quality for the price than what you would find in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The hotel is located between the old town area and the train station, so it is easily walkable to the points of interest.

333 Guesthouse

I got a double room with fan. The bed was comfortable and the top sheet was a thin blanket material. The provided towel was a weird fabric that seemed to spread the wetness around rather than absorb (so BYO travel towel if you are weirded out by weird towels).

333 Guesthouse bedroom

I had an attached bathroom which was a bonus for a budget guesthouse as they are usually shared. It was a basic bathroom, with no flush tank on the toilet, only a bucket and scoop to flush. Cold water shower as well, of course.


I liked how this building is built with two open ends. allowing air to freely flow through the building.


The website said there was free Wi-Fi in all rooms, but it turns out the it was only available in the foyer. I wouldn’t have booked otherwise but I made-do for my time there by doing offline work in my room.

Overall this was a decent guesthouse considering the price. If you are on a backpacker budget and don’t mind not having internet in your room then this is a good option. Otherwise for a couple of dollars more you can get internet in some of the other places around town.

Book the 333 Guesthouse online or search for more hotels in Battambang.

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