Digital Nomad Resources

The Digital Nomad Resources page – the ultimate directory of websites about location independent living and digital nomadism. Features sites about how to be a digital nomad, courses, books, conferences, and meetups.

Digital Nomad Websites

Digital Nomad Jobs – Lists types of jobs that are suitable for being a digital nomad.
Life Remotely – Features travel advice and work while travelling.
Live Work Abroad
Live Work Anywhere is a blog about travelling entrepreneurs.
Location Independent is a guide to help you live and work anywhere.
Mobopreneur – tips for mobile entrepreneurs. – Ranking the best cities to live and work remotely.
Nomad Destination – Discover where to live and work from remotely.
Nomad Spirit – Digital nomads and independent lifestyle by Dave and Erin.
Nomadtopia – tips and inspiration for location independent living and long term travel.
NuNomad – A resource for those who have (or desire) to escape the office or home office to work abroad in their mobile office.
The Barefoot Journal – Location Independent adventures in long term travel and financial freedom by Graham Brown.
The Working Traveller – A travel resource on how to finance a trip or stay away for longer by working overseas. by Andy Graham, who has been on the road since 1999.
Hot Officing – places to work while on the move.
Become Nomad – Resources for those choosing a nomadic lifestyle.
Digital Nomad Hub – A guide for location independence, online income, and travel lifestyle.
Digital Nomad Wannabe – Sharon Gourlay chronicles her journey as a digital nomad, featuring income reports and niche site case studies.
Nomad Income – Tips and inspiration on starting a digital nomad business.

Digital Nomad Communities

Dynamite Circle is a private forum for location independent entrepreneurs. Many of the members are running businesses while on the road or expatriating in exotic locations around the world.

#nomads – Digital nomad chat community.

Digital Nomad Forum – A question and answer site for remote workers and digital nomads to exchange information on working remotely.

Digital Nomad Community is a gathering place for digital nomads or those interested in the lifestyle. Features a forum and articles on destinations and travel tips.

Digital Nomads Abroad is a Google+ community run by digital nomad Mike Elgan.

Nomad Families is for families who are living the location independent lifestyle.

DigitalNomadist is a community specifically for digital nomad families.

Digital Nomad Conferences

DNX GLOBAL – Digital nomad conference with the first event taking place in Berlin in August 2015.

Digital Nomad Courses

Digital Nomad Coach is a website to help you on your journey to becoming a digital nomad so you can work from anywhere. Run by Erin & Simon of Never Ending Voyage.

Digital Nomad Academy is a private membership group that focusses on helping you business that can enable you to live and work anywhere. The training program was founded by Cody McKibben who has been living the lifestyle for many years now.

Create Your Nomadtopia is a course that covers the practical and emotional aspects of disengaging from your “normal” life and hitting the road.

Digital Nomads

Freelance Backpacker – Chris Schwarz is a digital strategist & analyst who works remotely around the world.
Global Goose – Kelly and Lee are a digital nomad couple and their blog features digital nomad lifestyle tips.
Hobo CEO – Chris Kirkland on working remotely whilst travelling.
Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg has been on the road since 2008 and in that time has transitioned from taking a year off from work to becoming a writer and social media consultant. – Lewis Quartey is a British entrepreneur living and working in SE Asia.
Location Flexible Life – Working online, living in multiple locations by Nicole Hennig.
Digital Nomad Lifestyle Design – Fredrik Aurdal is a digital nomad from Norway who is running his business while on the road.
Spartan Traveler – Clayton writes on life as a digital nomad and running his business while travelling.
Michelle Dale Travels and works online running a virtual assistant business.
Nomadical Sabbatical
Nomad Spirit – Dave & Erin travel while running online businesses and write about living a digital nomad life.
Tropical Nomad – Adam has been working his way around the world since 2009.
Wandering Earl – Derek Earl Baron has been on the road (and water) since 1999. He started out working on cruise ships and now has a selection of ebooks on how travel travel full time.
Never Ending Voyage – Simon and Erin are a digital nomad couple from the UK who sold everything to travel forever.
Seek New Travel – A travel blog by Kit Whelan and Nick Schneble featuring digital nomad tips.
Dave and Dustin are two long term travellers who run businesses from the road, including their technology for travellers site, Too Many Adapters.

The World Is My Office – Google+ page by Mike Elgin.

Books and Magazines

Be a Digital Nomad: A Making It Anywhere guide – A collection of blog posts in book format from

The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create freedom in business and adventure in life – By Natalie Sisson.

Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills – By Marianne Cantwell.

Digital Nomad Travel Magazine is an iPad and online magazine with a focus on long term travel and location independent lifestyle.

TV and Film

The Wireless Generation – A documentary about a new generation of people who are taking their careers online in order to travel the world.

The New Nomads is a 9-episode series from Travel + Escape on long term travellers who have found a way to work and travel around the world.


The Tropical MBA podcast hosted by Dan and Ian, is a podcast on lifestyle entrepreneurship.

Nomadtopia Radio is a weekly podcast that features interviews with people who are living abroad, settling down (for now), traveling overland with kids, homeschooling, or backpacking solo around the world.

Hack the System by Maneesh Sethi.

Digital Nomad Podcast – hasn’t been updated since 2011 but there are 11 episodes here on life as a nomadic technophile.

Social Media

/r/digitalnomad – Subreddit for digital nomads.

Quora Digital Nomads topic

In The News – Articles about digital nomads

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