Hostel Review: Plush Pods Hostel, Singapore

Hotel Name: Plush Pods Hostel
Address: 2 Tan Quee Lan Street, Bugis, Singapore

Hostel Review: Plush Pods Hostel, Singapore

I stayed at the Plush Pods Hostel in Singapore. I booked online which worked out to approximately $23 USD (I paid in AUD).

I selected this hostel out of the dozens that are available for it being a “pod” hostel. This concept is becoming more popular so I wanted to test one out in Singapore. I have stayed in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, which is a true pod-style hotel.

This particular hostel I stayed at is more like this hostel I stayed at, where the dorm beds are partitioned for privacy.

Another reason I selected this hotel was for its location near the Bugis metro station. The hostel is near one of the metro entrances and it is on the East West MRT Line which goes straight to the airport. I was also leaving early the next morning from the Golden Mile Tower bus station (about 15 minutes walk away).

I haven’t stayed in the Bugis area before but after this stay it has elevated to become one of my preferred areas to stay. The area has been recently redeveloped with lots of food and shopping options. It is also a short walk from the Arab St area and Little India.

The hostel is set in a heritage shophouse with lovely old wooden windows. My dorm had eight beds in it but with the personal blinds on each bed it didn’t feel too crowded. It’s amazing what a difference having a shutter (or curtains like in hostels I stayed at in China) does to make the room quieter. Each bed has a personal locker under the bed and I liked how there is a no shoes policy in the rooms.

Dorm room

Next to each bed is a personal shelf with TWO power outlets (no need to unpack my powerstrip this time) and a personal light. This is starting to become a normal feature in hostels now, and any new hostel or renovated hostel should include this as standard. The shelf was a bit wide so I had to mind my bed, but better than not having one.

Personal power and shelf

The bathrooms are located outside the rooms. The shower was ok but the toilets I used had problems with the flush.

I liked this water-saving message on one of the showers.


I loved the common area with its corner position on building with lots of natural light.


Wifi is available throughout the property, including in the rooms.

Book the Plush Pods Hostel online or search for more hostels in Singapore. If you haven’t been to Singapore read my guide on the best areas to stay in Singapore.

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