Hotel Review: Kradan Beach Resort, Koh Kradan – Thailand

Hotel Review: Kradan Beach Resort, Koh Kradan - Thailand

Hotel Name: Kradan Beach Resort
Address: Kradan Island (Koh Kradan), Trang, Thailand.

I stayed at the Kradan Beach Resort in Koh Kradan, Thailand. Koh Kradan is part of the Trang islands of the Andaman coast of Southern Thailand. I booked it for its location on the main beach and price. I booked online for the rate of 1250 THB ($39.21 USD). Kradan is a small island so there’s not many places to choose from, but if you’re on the main stretch of beach then you can’t go wrong as it all looks like this.

Koh Kradan beach

I got a Standard Long House (Fan) room, which are rooms in row house style. The hotel has different room styles available, and this was the cheapest option.


These rooms are behind the restaurant which is on the beach front. The rooms have a outdoor seating in the front entrance.


I got a twin room, and the room was spacious, bright and clean. The bed was comfortable and the furnishings were in good condition.


A little table and chair with free drinking water, not that I was going to be doing much work here. There is free wifi here, which I checked when I booked. I wasn’t expecting it to be great, or for it even to be in my room, but I did get a signal in my room most of the time. I had to go to the restaurant once to finish something off, and by contrast I was sitting among actual holiday makers who would not dream of bringing their work with them.


The bathroom is your typical tropical bungalow style, where it feels like it was attached to the room afterwards giving it an outdoor feeling. The shower water is seawater as fresh water is scarce on this little island. It could have used some space to place toiletries, but apart from that is was in good condition.


When I arrived I just dumped my bags and headed for the beach. It wasn’t until I returned that I realised there is only one power outlet next to the door, so the fan had to be placed there. I had also forgot to bring my powerstrip, so I had to manage the charging of my devices while I was out of the room as it was too hot to not have the fan on. Maybe it was a sign to unplug for a while.

Single power outlet

I enjoyed sitting at the restaurant while taking in the view of the beach. The restaurant food prices were the cheapest I saw on the island (where island prices are generally twice as much as mainland prices), and the food I had here was good.


Look at all the blues in that water.

Banana smoothie

A little outdoor reading area if being out in the sun is too much.

Reading area

There is also a minimart attached to the hotel with a basic array of food and snacks.


The room rate included breakfast, which was a buffet of cereal, toast, and an egg and pancake station.

Buffet breakfast

Overall this was a great place to Kradan if you are looking for a budget room by the beach. Apart from the power outlet situation it was a clean and comfortable room. Book the Kradan Beach Resort online or search for more hotels on Koh Kradan.

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