Hotel Review: Hotel Ocean Palace, Cox’s Bazar – Bangladesh

Hotel Review: Hotel Ocean Palace, Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh

Hotel Name: Hotel Ocean Palace
Address: Plot No.15 /A, Block C, Kolatali Beach Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

I stayed at Hotel Ocean Palace in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. I booked it online and picked it for its location in the main Cox’s Bazar tourist area. I had originally booked another place, but they cancelled my booking. I didn’t realise that I was staying during a public holiday, so finding an available room proved to be a challenge and there wasn’t much left to choose from.

Once I booked this place I then got an email suggesting I might like to book elsewhere as there is no air conditioning and no lift facilities. They must not have been used to foreigners staying here, but they did not know who they were dealing with (a foreigner who prefers fan rooms!)

The hotel is on the Kolatali Beach Road, which is the main road of the hotel area. It’s opposite the Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort, which is not affiliated.

Kolatali Beach Road

When I arrived the booking confusion continued. It turned they overbooked or got my dates mixed up, so I would have to spend the night elsewhere. The manager was really great about it at least. He arranged a new hotel, and then drove with me in a CNG (local tuk-tuk) to make sure the booking was ok. The manage even said I could stay at the new place if I didn’t want to move again. I would have except there was no room available. It was like he didn’t want me to stay. I was beginning to worry.

I went back the next day to claim my room. The rate was 2,250 BDT ($27 USD) once you add on the 26.50% city tax.

Hotel Ocean Palace, Cox's Bazar

I got a double bedroom with private bathroom. The room was small, and as the email said it didn’t have air-con. The room was ok with just a fan, but the main problem was it just smelled old and musty. I don’t mind small spaces either, as long as there is a cupboard or somewhere to place your bag and clothes. There was no such place.


The bathroom was also small, with a window facing another wall. It was ok apart from not having anywhere to place your toiletries.


There is a breakfast service provided, which is served in the restaurant of the hotel next door. You are given a ticket to go in there. There breakfast is the usual Bangladeshi fare of paratha and dal.


There was only wifi in the reception, so I had to trek down three floors whenever I needed to use it. I would never usually book a place that doesn’t have in-room wifi. I can’t remember if it was because there was no other hotels available or I just forgot to check. I ended up sitting in the foyer to do work, while swatting away the countless mosquitos.

Overall this was a pretty crappy place, so it was no wonder they tried to talk me out of it. Hopefully if you are visiting Cox’s Bazar you have more budget hotel options available.

Book the Hotel Ocean Palace online or search for more hotels in Cox’s Bazar.

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