Hotel Review: Hotel Chinatown Inn, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Hotel Review: Hotel Chinatown Inn, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Hotel Name: Hotel Chinatown Inn
Address: 52-54 Jalan Petaling, Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I stayed at the Hotel Chinatown Inn in Kuala Lumpur. I booked it for its price and location in the Chinatown area of KL. This is one of my preferred locations to stay in Kuala Lumpur. The rate was MYR 46.36 MYR ($11.20 USD) and there is a 10 MYR ($2.40 USD) per night government hotel tax, which is collected by the hotel.

The hotel is in the middle of the Petaling Street market area. During the day you can walk down the street quite easily, but later in the afternoon the market vendors take over and the street becomes crowded. I’ve stayed in Petaling Street before and I remembered how busy it gets, but at the rate I got I figured it was worth staying here again.

Petaling Street market

If you are arriving late then you will have to keep a look out for the signs as the hotel will be hidden behind market stalls.

Hotel China Town Inn sign

The entrance is next to a luggage store and it’s set off the street, so once you are inside it’s much quieter.

Hotel Chinatown Inn entrance

The reception is up one floor and there is a spacious lobby area with information on tours.

Chinatown Inn reception

I got a double room with private bathroom. My room was windowless, which was mentioned when booking. I try not to book windowless room, but I will if the price is right. When I entered the room there was a slightly musty smell, as if the room was once a smokers room years ago, and the smell never quite left. It didn’t smell smoky, but perhaps a room that doesn’t get air. The kind of smell you notice when you enter but then it goes.


A work desk and an old-school TV. Note that there is a water jug which you can fill outside. I’m seeing more hotels do this, which is a step in the right direction (compared to hundreds of water bottles being used every day).


An old phone where you can #hashtag and *bold* your conversations.


The bathroom was clean and orderly, with a good hot water service. It could have used more space to place toiletries.


There is free wifi at the hotel, and I had a good reception in my room. There is no breakfast service, but in this part of KL you’ll have no problem finding a cheap local breakfast.

Overall this was a good stay, especially for the price and location. Book the Hotel Chinatown Inn online or search for more hotels in Kuala Lumpur.

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