Review of the Hilton Prague Hotel

Hotel Name: Hilton Prague Hotel
Address: Pobřežní 1, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic

Review of the Hilton Prague Hotel

I stayed at the Hilton Prague Hotel as part of a writing assignment for a tour company. The hotel review wasn’t part of the job but I review all the places I stay at.

There are two Hilton’s in Prague, with the other one being in the old town. As you can see from the main building photo, this hotel doesn’t look very old-towny.

The hotel is located off a busy road the marks the boundary of the old town area. Once you cross the street you are in the old town, so this is a good location for exploring the city. This branch of the Hilton in Prague is ideal for the huge amount of tour groups that that arrive by bus in the city. Being next to a main road and with lot of parking on the property, this is a sensible place for tour groups to assemble, which is how I ended up here. It would be a nightmare getting a bus to the other Hilton.

Hilton Prague Hotel

Even though it looks like a giant cube on the outside, inside it’s bright and spacious with a large atrium that floods the building with light.


My room had all the comforts that would expect from a Hilton hotel, with a supremely comfortable bed.

Hilton Bed

A well appointed bathroom, though I am not much of a fan of the shower/bathtub combination.

Hilton Bathroom

A had a good work desk with multiple plugs. I didn’t get much work done though because you have to pay for internet here. I forget what it was (I didn’t write it down) but it was a ridiculous amount for 24 hours usage. In the beginning of the internet age 5-star hotels used to charge for wifi like they charge for everything else. Over time most hotels have come to see that free internet is often a deciding factor in booking a hotel. I never knowingly book a place where you have to buy wifi (unless there is no other hotel choice). I have also stayed in other 5-star hotels which now offer free wifi, so I was a little surprised to find that the Hilton still don’t.


The breakfast was a great as you would expect from a Hilton buffet.


Overall this was a good place to have a tour start from, with convenient bus access and easily walkable to the old town. If I was travelling independently though and looking for a luxury hotel in Prague I would pick somewhere with free wifi.

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