Hotel Review: Avalon Hotel, Vientiane – Laos

Hotel Name: Avalon Hotel
Address: 70 Rue Phnom Pen, Vientiane, Laos

Hotel Review: Avalon Hotel, Vientiane - Laos

I stayed at the Avalon Hotel in Vientiane. I booked online at the rate of $13.50USD per night, and I picked it out for its price and location.

Vientiane is a compact city so I don’t think there is any particular advantageous location. As long as you are in the central area you can walk anywhere. The Avalon is on Rue Phnom Pen which is at the top end of the central area, and everywhere was easy enough to walk to. My minivan from Thanaleng dropped my off at the riverside and it was about 10 minute walk from there.

I remembered that the hotel was on Phnom Penh so I didn’t note the number down. When I got to the street I found the Avalon B&B, which after trying to check in there we realised I was at the wrong property. They said that the Avalon B&B was “same same but different” to the Avalon Hotel, which I took to mean they are owned by the same people. The B&B version is a hostel, so check that out if you are looking for a dorm.

Rue Phnom Pen

The Avalon Hotel is a few blocks down from the Avalon B&B on the same street.

Avalon Hotel

I got a single room with private bathroom. My room has a window that faced a wall and the window was opaque, so it was only good for light. There was aircon and no fan, but the room was cool enough to not need A/C.


The bathroom was clean and a decent size, though the toilet seemed to be blocked when I used it and the water took ages to drain.


There is breakfast in the entrance area, which is converted into a dining space in the morning.


There is toast and pastries you can help yourself to, and they will make up your choice of egg breakfast.

Breakfast menu

There is wifi throughout the property which was working fine while I was there.

Overall this was a reliable budget hotel option. Nothing fancy but nothing to complain about given the price. Book the Avalon Hotel online or search for more hotels in Vientiane.

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