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Nomadic Notes offers selected advertising for travel related products and services.

Banner Advertising

Banner ads are located on the internal page sidebars. Banner sizes are 300×100 and the advertised site should be for travel related goods and services.

Banner Example

300x100 Banner Example
[300×100 Banner Example]


$50 USD Per Month / $500 USD Per Year.

Travel Gear Listings and Reviews

Get your product listed in the travel gear directory. We list most products that would be useful for travel. The rate to get your product listed is a once off $100USD admin fee. Once your product is listed you also have the option to send in your product to be reviewed in the travel gear review category.

Travel Guides Listing

Commercial sites can list in the Travel Guides section. For an example a business offering tours in London can list in the London Travel Guide page.

$100 USD Per Year.

Guest Posts

I don’t offer guest posts or inserted text links into articles. If you are looking for guest posts I can refer you to other travel sites that do.

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