Hostel Review: Zurich Youth Hostel, Zurich – Switzerland

Hostel Name: Zurich Youth Hostel
Address: Mutschellenstrasse 114, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Youth Hostel, Zurich - Switzerland

I stayed at the Zurich Youth Hostel in Zurich, Switzerland. I booked on the HI website and the total cost was 45.73 USD for a 6-bed dorm. Welcome to Switzerland!

I’ve stayed here before and recall it being one of the nicer hostels I’ve stayed at. What I like about HI hostels is how spacious and organised they are.

Common Area

My bed was in a 6-bed dorm, which was ok for its size. Each bed has its own power outlet and light and there is a separate entrance room which has large lockers. I like this feature as people can pack in the other room without disturbing everyone else.

The toilets and showers are shared with the other rooms.

6-bed dorm

Breakfast was included in my rate, which is a good way to start the day in Switzerland.

Breakfast Cereal

The usual favourites of are here including cereals, breads, ham and cheeses, and yogurts.


The internet is only available downstairs, which is where you will find everyone huddled over their devices (ahem) while the pool table remains unplayed.

Pool Table

The hostel is located about 10 minutes from the main train station via a suburban train. I didn’t mind this given how big the hostel property is, which would be uneconomical to have in the old town area.

Overall this hostel was as good as I remembered it to be and a good hostel option for Zurich. To see other options, search for more hotels and hostels in Zurich.

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