ZenfolioAfter years of trial and error in photo hosting and storage, I have settled on Zenfolio to host my photos at nomadicnotes.com.

If you are running a travel blog already you would know the importance of having a self hosted domain (ie nomadicnotes.com over nomadicnotes.wordpress.com.) If photos are an important part of your site then I would recommend using a professional photo storage site as well.

There are several plan options available and for nomadicnotes.com I am using the premium plan. This lets me put my photos as a sub domain of my own site [photos.nomadicnotes.com] and it also lets me create reader friendly URL’s for photo galleries [ like photos.nomadicnotes.com/myanmar/bagan.]

Having photos stored on a dedicated photo storage site also means faster load time for the blog, and it is also a convenient way to have my photos backed up in the cloud. You can also set up a shop front if you wish to sell photos online.

I’m an affiliate of Zenfolio as I use and recommend their service personally. Find out more at zenfolio.com.

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