Where I’m At: July, 2015 – London

Where I’m At: London for the 17th year in a row

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London for the 17th year in a row

Greetings from London. I’m back in the U.K for what has become an annual tradition. This is now my 17th year in a row that I have been to London, starting from when I first came here in 1999 to work. That first was on a two year work visa. Now I just come for a few days to visit friends and then travel elsewhere in Europe.

Where I’ve Been

After three months in Saigon it was time to move on. I spent most of June in Saigon and the last week has been in London.

I arrived at Heathrow early in the morning and got the tube in peak hour in what was a glimpse back to a previous life. When I was working here I had one job that would take me 90 minutes to get to. That’s three hours a day of commute. I’m glad I came to London to live and work when I did, but there is no way that I could live like that now. This article on why people are leaving the capital resonated with me. At some point you have to ask yourself is living here worth it if you are spending that time commuting.

One thing that has improved in London has been the cafe scene. There are awesome cafes everywhere now and I would need a month to make a proper go of visiting the best. Many of them aren’t digital nomad friendly though. Wifi isn’t everywhere and space is at a premium, so sitting in a cafe for hours isn’t going to work here. London is like New York where you come to network rather than work.

James in London
[Coffee time in London.]

Travel Plans

After being in Saigon for three months and not going anywhere, my next month of travel is going to the other extreme. I will be travelling around Europe with Eurail for one month of continual travel. Eurail have provided me a one month global pass which can be used to travel by train in 28 European countries. In return I will be writing about the destinations I visit.

I won’t be visiting 28 countries but I will be on the road (or rails, technically) almost every day. My goal for this trip is to visit secondary cities that aren’t as well known as the alpha/capital cities of Europe. This is partly because I have been to most of the capitals/big cities, and also because July will be busy. Europe has hundreds of amazing destinations beyond Paris and the other Grand Tour stars, so there are plenty of places to choose from. I will have to hub through some of the big cities but most of the month will be to new places.

ICYMI – Last months posts

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Travel Reads

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Office Of The Month

Sharing Coffee Ho Chi Minh City
[69 Vo Van Tan, District 3 , Ho Chi Minh City]

I find most of my cafes in Saigon by randomly walking past them. I found this cafe on the way to another cafe and decided to stay here instead.

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  1. Hi James!
    Came to Milan in July, I’ll take you to visit the Expo and you’ll see a city that completely changed face in the last years.


  2. Look Mum No Hands!! One of me favourite cafes in London and one of the few that is laptop-friendly. IIRC there’s also a nomad-friendly cafe a few doors down. Used to alternate between there and Google’s London campus. Memories…. 🙂

  3. Darren Cronian says

    Sounds fun James, I would say visit Leeds, but I’m not there, so…

    Budapest is high on my list of places to visit in Europe.

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