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Tokyo Hotels – Search for discount hotels in Tokyo.

Japan is famous for capsule hotels, which is something I wanted to try for myself. Here is my experience of sleeping in a capsule hotel.

Travel Guides

Go Tokyo – Official travel guide from the Tokyo Convention and Visitiors Bureau.

Tokyo Cheapo – A guide to visiting and living in Tokyo on the cheap. List the cheapest restaurants, hotels, entertainment and shopping. – Discover cool and traditional Tokyo spots beyond the guidebook recommendations by word-of-mouth reviews.

Exploring Tokyo – Tourist’s guide to Tokyo Japan. Maps sights and tourist attractions, points of interest, shrines, temples, gardens, parks, and dining.

Tokyo Direct Guide – Highlights of Tokyo written by a local.

Time Out Tokyo – Listing restaurants, films, gigs, clubs, things to do and places to see.

Tokyo Stroller – A guide to navigating Tokyo with kids.

Tokyo Art Beat – Art and design galleries and events around the city.


Tokyo Mango – Lisa Katayama’s personal blog about the city that brought you Godzilla, Gundam, all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, and panty vending machines.

ShootTokyo – Photography blog of Tokyo.

Tokyo Times – Photo blog of an expat who arrived in 1998.

Tokyoholic – Russian expat blogging about expat life in Tokyo.

Blog Posts

Notes on Tokyo: Godzilla, hi-tech toilets, packed subways, fugu fish – Notes on my visit to Tokyo.

The best 50 things to do in Tokyo – A great summary of sights and activities in Tokyo, by

Shibuya246 – Tokyo blog posts from the Japan-wide blog.

Tokyo Travel – Archive of Tokyo articles from

Tokyo travel guide: how to plan for the trip you’ll remember forever –

5 must see districts in Tokyo – By

10 Things You Have To Do in Tokyo – By

Things to do in Tokyo on a budget –


Tokyo Food File – Food writer and restaurant reviewer for the Japan Times blogging about the best places to eat in Tokyo.

Food Sake Tokyo – A chef’s guide to the best food in Tokyo.

Tokyo Burger Blog – A burger quest to find the best hamburgers in Tokyo…and beyond.

Guide Books

Lonely Planet Tokyo (Travel Guide)


Tokyo Cheapo Podcast – Listen to the Cheapo podcast to get the latest tips on doing Tokyo on a budget.


Tokyo Photo Gallery – Photo gallery of Tokyo.

360Cities: Tokyo Tower Gigapixel Panorama – High-resolution 360° panoramic photo of Tokyo, shot in September 2012.

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