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If you travel in Asia, or plan to, then may I suggest subscribing to the Airasia Newsletter. AirAsia are the largest low cost airline in Asia and they often have some amazing sales.

AirAsia Sale
An example of an AirAsia promotional email.

Since I have been subscribed to the newsletter I have picked up some ridiculous bargains, such as:

Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne for 234 MYR ($75 USD)
Kuala Lumpur to Delhi for 60 MYR ($19 USD)

The flight to Delhi was free plus tax, and $10 of that was for checking a bag.

AirAsia fly all over Southeast Asia, China and India as well as Australia and the UK, so there are plenty of travel options. Even if I am not travelling to Asia for some time, it just makes me happy getting offers to go to places like Padang, Penang and Phnom Penh.

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  1. Hey James, how did you rate the new seats on the KUL>MEL flight?

  2. Hi Dan, I’ll be be flying out of Melbourne in 2 weeks so I will get a chance to see the new seats then.

  3. Thanks for the information..Just wondering to know is there any flight available for New York by Air Asia? Or any other with best service..

  4. Jodie norwell says

    Hi, i want to subscribe to the air asia website, so i can receive notification of cheap flights. Can u help me do this? Thanks, jodie

  5. Send me anything!

  6. Sethy Snguon says

    I want to get alert every air Asia promotion to Asia country and specially for Cambodia.

  7. Cheryl basley says

    Pls notify me of specials for air asis

  8. ganesh singaravelu says

    I would like to get to know promotions and offers in advance

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