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What is Nomadic Notes?

Nomadic Notes is a travel blog and travel guide by me (James Clark) – a long term traveller from Australia. The site features travel guides, travel tips, and notes on places I have visited around the world.

I began Nomadic Notes in February, 2009 as an outlet to chronicle my travels. At that point I had already been working while I travel (AKA a digital nomad) for nearly six years but I wasn’t writing about my travels. Starting a travel blog became a good way to connect with other travellers, both online and in person.

The blog has since evolved from a standard travelogue of my travels to include tips on location independence, as well as an ever expanding destinations travel guide.

There is now over 1000 pages of information here so I’ve put together this welcome page to help navigate what this site is about and how to follow.

Travel Blog

The Travel Blog is the primary category of the site, with articles about my travels around the world. Here are some popular posts as a sample.

The changing face of Saigon

Walking Broadway, New York

Attending a traditional tribal wedding in Sabah, Borneo

Notes on…

For some cities I do a blog series called “Notes on…” You can look for those posts with the Notes On tag. Here are some example posts in the series.

Notes on Taipei

Notes on Saigon

Notes on Buenos Aires

Work Cafes

As someone who works from their laptop I clock up many hours in cafes around the world. I have an index of work cafes, which lists sites that help you find a place to work while you travel.

Kuala Lumpur Cafes

Ho Chi Minh City Cafes

Taipei Cafes

Travel Guides

The Travel Guides section features notes and resources on the most popular destinations around the world. For places I’ve visited I’ve made personal notes about the city, but I don’t visit a city for three days and proclaim to have written “The Ultimate Guide to…” Instead, I have listed the most useful resources I could find to each destination.

Tana Toraja Travel Guide

Galle Travel Guide

Phu Quoc Travel Guide

Travel Thoughts

Travel Thoughts are – as the name would suggest – thoughts and musings about travel. I don’t post as frequently as I would like, so maybe ask me a question to see if you can entice a post out of me.

My life as a non-drinking traveller

I’m done with visiting

The first meal I will eat when I get back is...

Digital Nomad Resources

I keep a comprehensive list of digital nomad resources and some writing on being a digital nomad.

Digital Nomad Resources 10 years as a digital nomad

Is there a better phrase than

Where I’m At

Once a month I publish Where I’m At, which is a summary of what I have been up to for the previous month and roundups published links. This is as close as I get to real-time blogging, so check around the start of the month to see “where I’m at”.

How to follow Nomadic Notes

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New articles are posted on the Facebook Page. Facebook don’t show all of the posts, so to ensure that you get updated, once you click “Like” hover over “Liked” and select “See First”.

Facebook News Feed

Follow me on Twitter for links that I find about travel, digital nomadism, and other random cool links. I post new articles here as well but, again, don’t rely on it to find out about new posts. I don’t chat much on Twitter so use the site contact page for any questions.

Follow me on Instagram for real-time pictures of where I’m at.

If you still use RSS then you know what to do. I use Feedly to read sites I’m subscribed to.

Contact Me

For any other questions about the site please contact me.

~ James Clark

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