Where I’m At: September, 2017 – Singapore Changi edition

Where I’m At: September, 2017 – Singapore Changi edition

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Greetings from Singapore! I’m at Changi Airport, AKA the best airport in the world. I have a month of travels coming up and I have a few hours here in between flights. To see where I most likely am at follow me on Instagram.

Where I’ve Been


Saigon River

I started the month in Saigon, and it has been a deliberate month of staying still to work. I have three big trips planned for the next three months, so the downtime is welcome. This is the most travel I’ve had planned since before my back injury last year. I both happy to be on the road again, and cautious of the amount of travel.

Having spent so much time in Saigon I realised that I should add more travel resources to the site. I will be expanding the travel guide to the point where it will become a sub-category in itself. With that in mind I looked at the things to do in Saigon list and realised that I haven’t been to most of the museums here. I’ve started visiting all the places I haven’t been to, such as the The HCMC Fine Art Museum. It’s only a small collection of work, but the value is in being able to wander around the old mansions of a former Chinese merchant family.

Travel books I’ve read

Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet

Cruising AttitudeCruising Attitude is a memoir by Heather Poole about her life as a flight attendant. I’ve been following her on Facebook for years so it was good to get the backstory on how she started out in this career. It’s a physically demanding job, you are only paid for flying time, and you are on call to work at a moments notice. Poole not only shares great stories, but also explains the behind the scenes of flying. This should be a compulsory read for frequent fliers, if only to get a better understanding of the life of the people who are part of your flying experience.

For more reading ideas visit the best travel books list.

ICYMI – Last months posts

Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin by train – A better option than a minivan, and it includes a bonus stop at the tallest stupa in the world.

Cafe Saigon 1975 – Visiting a war memorabilia cafe in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bangkok vs Ho Chi Minh City – population size and other comparisons – It was recently reported that Saigon now has up to 13 million people living in the city, and there are 14 million in greater Bangkok. So what are the similarities and differences between these two megacities of Southeast Asia.

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  1. aiman Parween says

    hope you had a great experience there.

  2. Excellent articles this month – in a travel blogosphere full of vapid listicles, thanks for continuing to pump out compelling content!

  3. I agree Changi airport is truly one of the best airports in the world. Saigon is really amazing and so is your blog. Nice one. Cheers!

  4. Everyone keeps raving about Chiangi airport but I don’t get it. Would be great if someone did a decent video guide of it, the top YouTube search result is two dingbats who spend 15 minutes showing travelators and massage chairs like they’re cavemen discovering fire and it’s got 500k views.

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