Rotterdam Santa Claus: The most offensive public art in Europe?

Rotterdam Santa Claus

The Netherlands is famous for being a liberal country, but this public art in Rotterdam could be the most offensive in Europe.

The statue is of a giant Santa Claus holding a butt plug. It was created by the American installation-artist Paul McCarthy and it represents a symbol of modern consumerism.

I’m not a Christian (or affiliated with any religion for that matter) but what irks me is that it’s ok to mock Christianity yet if another religion was mocked there would be a firestorm of trouble. Rotterdam has one of the largest muslim populations in Europe so could you imagine the trouble if the subject was a commentary about modern Islam.

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  1. This is hilarious! I guess he has a point about Christmas becoming very commercial. I’d just hate to have to be the parent that needs to explain to their child what Santa is doing with a giant butt plug, haha!

  2. Not sure how this becomes a slight on Christianity, the statue is of Santa Clause, a character based on Nordic myth and nothing whatsoever to do with Chrisianity. The fact that a religious culture has hijacked another pagan festival seems to have been forgotten. Yes Christmas has become way to commercial but then it is only keeping up with any other festival in that regard, Easter for example, (which incidently is another Pagan festival hijacked, since when were rabbits and eggs a Christian symbol?) Don’t understand why people have to make everything have ‘religious’ connotations and to find some way of slagging of another belief system they don’t happen to agree with, makes me sick.