Hostel Review: Revolucion Hostel, Minsk – Belarus

Hostel Review: Revolucion Hostel, Minsk - Belarus

Hotel Name: Revolucion Hostel
Address: Revolyutsionnaya Street, 16, Tsentralny District, Minsk, Belarus

I stayed at Revolucion Hostel in Minsk. I booked it for its location in central Minsk, and I also wanted to stay in a hostel on this trip. I booked a single room with shared bathroom, which worked out at $24.20 USD per night.

I didn’t know what area is the best place to stay in Minsk. I just looked on the map and saw the two main metro lines intersect in the middle, so I figured anything around there must be ok. It turned out to be an inspired choice as this hostel was ideally located. I got the bus from the airport, and it stopped at the main square before going to the train station bus stop. From there it was about a 10 minute walk.

Revolucion Hostel

The reception is downstairs, and then you go up this evolutionary staircase. The hostel is also decorated with revolutionary communist posters.

Revolucion Evolution

I got a private room, which was a small and simple room with a single bed. The bed was comfortable enough, though the sheets were too small and came off the bed quite easily.

Private Room

There is a kitchen for self caterers.


A common area where you can meet up with fellow travellers.

Common area

The mens showers were clean enough, but the plastic curtains always make a shower feel a little more clammy. There weren’t enough toilets either considering how many dorms there were.


There is free wifi at the hostel and there was no problem with the connection while I was there. There are a number of bars in the area, and I found a great kebab shop around the corner. Near there is also an excellent cafe serving fresh croissants in the morning.

Revolyutsionnaya Street

Overall this a decent enough hostel to stay at in Minsk. Book the Revolucion Hostel online or search for more hotels in Minsk.

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