In Pictures: Penang through a pinhole

In Pictures: Penang through a pinhole

Penang is a place that I return to at least once a year, usually as a visa run from Thailand. I call visa runs to Penang food runs, as one of my main motivations to come here is to eat the food that Penang is famous for. I also love just wandering around the World Heritage listed streets of Georgetown.

Olympus Art Filter – Pinhole Effect

For this trip I decided to break up my photographic wanderings by using the pinhole setting on my Olympus PEN E-P3. I found the pinhole filter to be an ideal way to blunt the white glare of the midday sun and the darkened edges give of feel of a photograph from old time Penang. I tried out the setting on food but it wasn’t appropriate so I will be posting on the delights of eating in Penang in all its unfiltered glory another time.

Classic Georgetown

Love Lane: Georgetown - Penang
[Classic Penang shophouses on Love Lane.]

Clock Tower: Georgetown - Penang
[Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower]

Cemetery: Georgetown - Penang
[Old Protestant Cemetery]

Decaying Buildings: Georgetown - Penang
[Decaying Buildings]

5 Foot Way: Georgetown - Penang
[The space in front of each shophouse in known as a 5 Foot Way.]

Fort Cannon: Georgetown - Penang
[Cannon at Fort Cornwallis]

Religious Buildings and Monuments

Kapitan Keling Mosque: Georgetown - Penang
[Kapitan Keling Mosque]

Temple Candle: Georgetown - Penang
[Sri Mahamariamman Temple entrance]

Assumption Church: Georgetown - Penang
[Assumption Church]

Temple Incense: Georgetown - Penang
[Chinese Temple Incense]

Burmese Buddhist Temple - Penang
[Buddha at the Burmese Buddhist Temple]

Attention To Detail

Part of why I never tire of visiting Penang is the little attention to detail on the buildings. From ornamental windows to the font and signage on shopfronts, this is a photogenic city.

Chinese guardian lions: Georgetown - Penang
[Chinese guardian lions]

Light window: Georgetown - Penang
[Light window]

Bamboo Window Grill: Georgetown - Penang
[Bamboo Window]

Campbell St: Georgetown - Penang
[Campbell St]

Photo Notes

All photos taken on Pinhole mode with an Olympus PEN E-P3

[Photoessay concept inspired by Istanbul Through a Pinhole.]

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  1. Ahh…we absolutely came to love Penang for all the things you mention. First visit was on a necessary visa run, but we found us coming back for more even when we didn’t HAVE to.

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