Where I’m At: October, 2012 – Penang

Georgetown Trishaw

Penang – A visa/food run to Malaysia

Greetings from Penang. I am now here for the umpteenth time in my life (I have really lost count by now how many times I’ve been here) for a visa run from Thailand. I’m also calling it a food run to get a fix of Indian food, which Malaysia does so well.

Before Penang I was in KL with the intention of heading off to Indonesia from there. My plans have since changed with an invitation to attend a big event in Bangkok next week, so I will be heading back to Thailand again. Returning to Bangkok has given me an excuse to stay in Penang for a few days before heading back.

I spent a month in Penang last year which turned out to be a productive time. It is a different kind of working environment for me here. There isn’t a large digital nomad community like there is in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Ho Chi Minh City. There aren’t a lot of cafes here either. Penang is all about food and architecture, so I find when I am here I work in my room and then go off on wanders around World Heritage Georgetown and eat delicious food. There is so much good food here that I have to plan my eating to ensure I get a balance of Malay, Indian and Chinese food.

I’ll be back in Bangkok next week.

Chicken and rice: Georgetown - Penang
[Chicken and rice lunch in Penang]

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  1. Have fun!

  2. I hear nothing but great things about street food in Penang—love your photos!

  3. Yup, love Penang. I’ve been working as expat in the industrial park near the airport for 1.5 years now. I agree that there isn’t much of an entrepreneur or digital nomad community here. I met a couple of people in Batu Ferringhi (the beach area on the north end of the island) but that’s an hour away from where I live.

    And yes, Penang food is awesome. Nasi Kandar, Char Koay Teow, and a great satay place called Ah’Basri are some of my favorites.

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