On On Hotel, Phuket Town – Thailand

On On Hotel, Phuket Town - Thailand
[On On Hotel, Phuket Town – Thailand]

Phuket Town is a good alternative for accommodation away from the touristy beaches of Phuket, such as Patong Beach. The town has a good stock of Sino-Portuguese houses and no tacky tourist shops (or girly bars).

On On Hotel is famous for being a filming spot in the film The Beach and no doubt people have come here to stay in the same room that Leonardo DiCaprio slept in.

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  1. I know I had seen this somewhere but couldnt put my finger on it! I would prefer a better place to stay vs stayin were DiCaprio stayed.

  2. what is really interesting about the On On hotel is that the owners have zero interest in cashing in on this as a famous movie location … not even a single signed photo of the stars on any of the walls … genuine Flophouse Mentality !!!

    • You are so right about that. I was in Phuket Town around 5 years ago and I have noticed that some of the old Sino-Portuguese houses are starting to get renovated. This town has has some potential, and certainly this building does as well.

  3. If it serves good I will stay but will definitely look for a better if there’s many, not much of a DiCaprio fan.

  4. I think I know where this place is but I don’t think that I would particularly go for this place just because Leonardo DiCAprio had a film shoot here. But It’s worth looking at. That is, if you’re that much of a fan of DiCaprio. But being in Thailand, there are lot of beautiful places to go to.

  5. Abdul Rahman Khawaja says

    On On hotel is famous for three things. It is the oldest hotel in Phuket, The Island resort of Thailand. Ho Chi Minh, the great Vietnamese Freedom fighter stayed here. Leonardo DiCaprio also stayed here to film his famous movie “The Beach”. i ALSO STAYED HERE in 1993. 

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