Where I’m At: October, 2011 – Istanbul

James and a camel in Cappadocia, Turkey

Istanbul brings me to the end of my European travels for 2011. In addition to completing my annual visit to London, and attending to an offline business in Budapest, I also got to travel around Romania and Turkey.

My European trip started in Iceland, which was a new country for me. I haven’t been to a new country since Brunei last November, even though I have been to eight countries since.

New Country Day: Iceland
[New Country Day: Iceland – 26 August 2011.]

I visited Reykjavik as a stopover between New York and London. This is a trip I have been wanting to do for years, but I have previously not found a reasonable fare.

Upon arrival the air steward announced that it was 6 degrees (c) outside. 6 degrees, in August! Did I hear that right? After spending much of the year in the tropics, I found the crisp morning a refreshing change, once I had dug out the cold weather clothes from my bag.

Iceland was everything I thought it would be. I loved the space and sense of remoteness of the lava plains, but not so much the high cost of living (though I note that bananas are cheaper here than in Australia).


From Istanbul I will be flying back to Thailand, which completes a round the world trip of sorts. I was in Thailand in March and since then I have I have been to Malaysia, India, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, UK, Hungary, Romania, and Turkey. I can say that I’m ready to put some months in one place for a while.

In September last year I left the house in Melbourne I was renting for nine years. I wasn’t there half of the time but it was a great base to leave stuff as I work and travel around the world. I have been without a fixed address since that time, and given that I can work anywhere I’m not compelled to go back to Melbourne yet.

For now Southeast Asia is my hub of choice, and Thailand is calling my name once again. After a brief stay in Bangkok I will be heading to Chiang Mai, which is something like a second home. Along with catching up on some much neglected projects I will get to see my fellow location independent working friends who are also based there.

Of course there will be side trips planned in that time to places I have yet to visit, including Myanmar and the Philippines.

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  1. Amazing Adventure! How many days you spent for Traveling Turkey To Thailand? 

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