Kellie’s Castle, Batu Gajah – Malaysia

Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah - Malaysia

Not far from the city of Ipoh in Malaysia is a curious building known as Kellie’s Castle. It is actually an unfinished mansion built by Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith. This grand home features Malaysia’s first elevator and imported building material from India.

Smith built his first mansion in 1909. With a birth his son and heir in 1915, he began work on the second mansion, and the troubles followed soon after. Many of his workers were killed by Spanish flu after WWI, and construction costs blew out, draining his wealth. Construction halted in 1926 when Smith died.

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  1. Really interestin history…it seems a legend. Are in this castle any ghosts???

  2. Thanks for the photo and the brief post. What do they use the castle for now and who owns it? I bet it would cost a bit to purchase.

  3. Louer Villa Italie says

    The death of Smith was unfortunate. I hope the Department of Museum and Antiquities, Malyasia will take responsibility to complete the fort. Untill visitors will enjoy its charm and hospitality.

  4. There is a legend of a ghost that appears in the mansion.

    I don’t know it would be completed, but is was over run with jungle for a while, so at least it is maintained now.

  5. may i know this place have been for shooting location of one movie……what the name of movie that been used this location ….how the director found this place…

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