Hotel Review: Hotel Biarritz, Tangier – Morocco

Hotel Review: Hotel Biarritz, Tangier - Morocco

Hotel Name: Hotel Biarritz
Address: 102-104 AV Mohammed 6, Tangier, Morocco

I spent the night in Tangier, which not many visitors seem to do. There was definitely a distinct lack of tourism here. Most visitors to Morocco skip Tangier and head to the train station for the Marrakech Express.

City of Tangier
[City of Tangier]

Tangier certainly has a reputation that precedes itself so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew the touts at the port gates were legendary so I was braced for an onslaught when I stepped off the ferry.

I was surprised then that I wasn’t hassled once. I was staying in a pension about 15 minutes walk away and I only got one taxi offer in that whole time. It seems the city has cleaned up the tout situation.

I stayed at a Pension called the Hotel Biarritz. A room with a bathroom costs 150 Dirham (about $18 US). I walked in off the street but you can also book it online.

Hotel Biarritz

I love these old places with the tiling and decor that looks like it hasn’t changed since the 40’s.

Hotel Biarritz Stairs

Book the Hotel Biarritz online or search for more hotels in Tangier.

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  1. oussama larhmich says


    the last week they change all Decor and the art of the Hotel, you should visite it again soon 🙂

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