Eating your way around Penang

Penang is well known for being a foodies paradise, and it is one of those destinations where people go just to eat. If you don’t know your Hokkien Mee from your Wan Tan Mee, there is a great brochure that lists the most popular dishes of the Island. It gives a description of each meal and a map of where to find them around the George Town area. Pick up the brochure from your guesthouse or the tourism office.

Penang Food Guide
– Penang Food Guide –

I have been to Penang twice before so this time I was only passing through on the way to Langkawi. This short stay meant that I only had three possible eating opportunities (without being gluttonous). I had a morning ferry to catch so I didn’t think I was going to get a good breakfast either.

I found out on the way to the ferry terminal that there are 24 hour Indian restaurants here. To be able to get a curry 24 hours a day must surely be the pinnacle of civilisation.

Indian Restaurant - Open 24 Hours
– Indian Restaurant – Open 24 Hours –

My favourite breakfast dish is Roti Canai. When I am travelling to Malaysia I usually start drooling about a day before I arrive, knowing that I am going to get a good roti canai. A plain roti is about RM0.90 (25 cents USD) and there are different varieties with egg, cheese and meat fillings.

Sometimes restaurants will have a pile of premade roti, but the best ones are made to order, so your roti arrives steaming hot and melt in the mouth good.

Roti Canai
Roti Canai With Curry Dips – Breakfast of Champions.

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  1. I know it’s not the same, but I’m suddenly hungry for pancakes. I’ll be in Malaysia in Aug/Sept, good to know about this brochure, it’ll make things a little easier in the beginning. lol

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