Hostel Review: B&B Hostel, Punta del Este – Uruguay

Hostel Review: B&B Hostel, Punta del Este - Uruguay

Hostel Name: B&B Hostel
Address: Calle Emilio Sader parada 2, Punta del Este, Uruguay

I stayed at the B&B Hostel in Punta del Este, Uruguay. I booked it for its location close to the bus terminal and the beach.

B&B Hostel - Punta del Este

I stayed in a 4 bed dorm of which I was the only person in the room (yay!) I have found that booking the smallest dorm rooms gives you a better chance of less people in there as long-term travellers are saving as much as they can by staying in the cheaper rooms with more beds.

4 bed dorm

I like staying in these hostels that are privately owned but one thing I don’t like is when a house has been converted into a hostel and no other bathrooms are added. There were four dorms on the top floor and only one bathroom (which included the toilet). Lucky for me it was low season so I didn’t need to wait for the bathroom at any time.


Breakfast is provided in the bar area of the back courtyard.

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  1. Good tip on getting a hostel dorm to yourself, thanks for sharing!

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