Seeking Nirvana in Bodhgaya – Where the Buddha attained enlightenment

India has three of the four most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world, with the fourth being in Nepal. That is an impressive heritage for a country that counts less than one percent of its population as Buddhist (though ask any entrepreneur and most would take 1% of billion). Out of those four sites, […]

On On Hotel, Phuket Town – Thailand

[On On Hotel, Phuket Town – Thailand] Phuket Town is a good alternative for accommodation away from the touristy beaches of Phuket, such as Patong Beach. The town has a good stock of Sino-Portuguese houses and no tacky tourist shops (or girly bars). On On Hotel is famous for being a filming spot in the […]

In Pictures: The Taj Mahal – India

If there is one building that carries a load of expectation on its shoulders (roof? dome?), that would be the Taj Mahal. Only good is ever spoken of this Wonder of the World, so I naturally wondered if it would live up to its expectations. [First glimpse of the Taj Mahal] Walking through the gate […]

Kellie’s Castle, Batu Gajah – Malaysia

Not far from the city of Ipoh in Malaysia is a curious building known as Kellie’s Castle. It is actually an unfinished mansion built by Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith. This grand home features Malaysia’s first elevator and imported building material from India. Smith built his first mansion in 1909. With a birth his son […]

Where I’m At: April, 2011 – Delhi

It’s been a while since I have woken up briefly forgetting where I am, which was how I woke up in my first morning in Delhi. Outside there was sound of sweet Indian music (the good stuff, with sitars and tablas). When I opened my eyes, the room was more peculiar than the usual Southeast […]

Where I’m At: March, 2011 – Chiang Mai

Where I’m At; a monthly update of what I’ve been up to, site news, and where I’m going next. An India visa run, in Thailand I went to Penang with the intention of getting a visa for India while I was there. When I applied to the visa centre, the first item on the visa […]

Where I’m At: February, 2011 – Penang

Penang – My (temporary) island home Greetings from Penang. I have been here for nearly a month now, staying in the World Heritage City of Georgetown. I have been here several times before on shorter visits, and I always knew I would come back to stay for an extended period. I wanted to spend some […]

Mt Kinabalu, Kinabalu National Park – Malaysia

Mt Kinabalu is in the Malaysian state of Sabah in Northern Borneo. You can see the mountain from Kota Kinabalu (about 80km away) and it’s even represented on the Sabah State flag. At a height of 4,095 metres, that makes it almost twice as high as the Australian continents highest peak (Mount Kosciuszko at 2,228 […]

Coffee Journey: A tour to a remote coffee village in Thailand

Coffee Journey – A tour for those who love coffee I can’t remember the last time I went on a tour that went more than a day, so I find it remarkable that on my stay in Chiang Mai I was talked into going on a three day tour. Well I wasn’t really talked into […]

Ornamental street signs of Thailand

In Thailand there are many cities that decorate their street signs with icons associated with the city. Here are some that I have seen over the years in my travels in Thailand. Patong Beach, Phuket Patong Beach in Phuket with a dolphin street sign. Krabi Town Krabi Town with a sword-wielding elephant. Of course. Maeklong […]