Airbnb Review: Apartment in Southbank, Melbourne – Australia

Name: Airbnb Private Apartment
Address: Southbank, Melbourne – Australia

Airbnb Review: Apartment in Southbank, Melbourne - Australia

Upon returning to my former home city of Melbourne I found myself without a bed to crash on or couch to surf for my first two days. I’ve never had to search for hotels in Melbourne which was a weird feeling. As I was looking last minute while the Avalon Air Show was on there was practically no hotel rooms in the city, and what was left were at ridiculous prices. So, Airbnb to the rescue. I found a room in an apartment in Southbank, which – as the name would suggest – is just south of the Yarra river, opposite the CBD.

I’ve been curious about this part of Melbourne and what it would be like to live there as there has been a massive apartment boom over the last few years. I’ve often thought that if I had a pied-à-terre in Melbourne it would probably be around here. This apartment is close to the Central Business District so it is easy to walk to the city or get the trains from Flinders St.

The apartment is comprised of two bedrooms, one bathroom, lounge and kitchen area, plus a balcony. My room was small but enough room for a single bed and desk and the bed was comfortable.

Southbank apartment bed

My room had a small window with a view towards South Melbourne and the bay. Great view from the 26th floor.

Southbank apartment view of South Melbourne

There was one bathroom which has the shower and toilet.

Southbank apartment bathroom

There’s a lounge and kitchen area which I was free to use, but I ended up being out for most of the day, and working in my room at night. I don’t cook either, so I didn’t use the kitchen.

Southbank apartment lounge

This was my first Airbnb where I booked a private room (as opposed to a whole apartment) so I was wondering how I would go sharing an apartment with someone. My host was cool though, and he made me feel welcome and let me know that I can come and go as I please at any time of day or night. I barely saw him as we seemed to keep different hours.

To book or see the details of this apartment visit Airbnb. If you are new to Airbnb you can get $20 credit by clicking here.

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