5 Amsterdam coffee shops that aren’t “coffeeshops”

Amsterdam is world famous for its coffee shops, but as a non-smoker I have no interest in these “coffee shops”.

Cannabis coffeeshop displaying Coffeeshop license
[Cannabis coffeeshop displaying Coffeeshop license]

The Netherlands doesn’t rate high in the coffee-making stakes in Europe. The typical coffee of the Netherlands is filter coffee.

Coffee shops that aren’t coffee shops in a land of filter coffee may sound like a strange place for a coffee snob to like. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is an international city and there are plenty of places to find a good coffee.

If you are after a koffiehuis and not a coffeeshop, then here is a selection of my faves.

Cafe het Palais

Good coffee and international newspapers has made this one of my favourite cafes in Amsterdam.

Cafe Het Paleis
[Cafe Het Paleis]

Cafe Luxembourg
For a classic Parisian style people watching cafe head to the Cafe Luxembourg on Spuistraat. It has theatre row seats out the front, which is a perfect spot for watching Dutch girls on bicycles riding by.

Cafe Luxembourg
[Cafe Luxembourg]

Coffee Company

For take away coffee this American style coffee store does the job for me. They have a few locations around Amsterdam.

Coffee @ Company
[Coffee @ Company]

Cafe Americain

For a bit of old-school American style I like the cafe at the Hotel Americain.

Cafe Americain
[Cafe Americain]

Cafe de Saloon

This place is more of a bar than a cafe but I like to come here on a sunny day and sit outside. The building is Flatiron shape and is next to a canal.

De Saloon - Amsterdam
[De Saloon]

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  1. Aww….this post makes me very nostalgic for a place I call home! Cafe Het Paleis is great and was a block from my old flat.

    Nice list and many of these tourists don’t frequent, so great tips.

  2. @Josh thanks for the tip. I joined up nextstop and had a play. Looks like an interesting site.

    @Andy lucky you for having lived near Cafe Het Paleis. They do a good hot chocolate as well, which my friends living there put me onto. You get the hot chocolate and a little tray with whipped cream.

  3. girlwithluggage says

    I love Cafe Het Paleis, I’ve just discovered, but it’s definitely my favourite cafe in Amsterdam…just perfect!!

  4. Welkom in Nederland, allemaal! Welcome to the Netherlands, all. I hope you’re having or were having a great time over there.

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