Vienna: My Grand Tour of Europe with Eurail

Greetings from Vienna. After a wonderful 11 days in Jordan I have arrived in Vienna for a relatively short trip to Europe. I have hinted that I may have a big travel project in Europe, and now that I am here I can confirm that I will be travelling by rail in partnership with

My Eurail Travel Plan

I didn’t want to announce it until I physically had the ticket as I was having some trouble getting the ticket to me. As the passes are mailed and not picked up from train stations, this was causing some difficulty for this nomad as I didn’t have an address to send it to. Fortunately my hostel in Vienna was able to receive my pass. I was anxious before I arrived at the hostel, wondering if the ticket was there, so I was relieved to see the big Eurail logo on the envelope with my name on it.

With my Eurail pass
[With my Eurail Pass]

I felt like Charlie Bucket when he finds the golden ticket. In my case the golden ticket is the Global Pass, which gives me access to 10 days of unlimited rail travel within 2 months in 23 countries in Europe. Given my work and travel schedule this summer, I only have 15 days available to travel so I will be making the most of this pass by visiting some new places and revisiting some old favourites. So far my country list looks like this:


All I know are the start and end dates (I have a flight out of Amsterdam I need to make by the 5th of June). I have never been to Croatia and Slovenia so I want to go there, and the rest is a general trajectory towards Amsterdam. The great thing about a Eurail pass is you can make it up as you go. You may fall in love with a place (or a person) and decide to linger in one place for a while. Meet a bunch of travellers going in the other direction and you want to go as well? Sure, why not. No need to worry about locking yourself in with flight, you can just jump on the next available train.


I’ve started my Eurail trip in Vienna mainly because it was the easiest flight for me out of Amman. I have been here before so I didn’t feel the need to do too much sightseeing today. I lasted about three hours before stuffing myself with some good chocolate, so I hope I have got that out of my system now. One thing I wanted to do today was to admire the Eurail map over an espresso. I went to one of the old school Viennese cafes, Hawelka, and pored over the map and all the potential places I could go to.

Eurail map with coffee
[Drooling over the Eurail map of Europe over coffee at Cafe Hawelka.]

I will be doing reports along the way as well as some reviews on how best to use a Eurail pass. Let me know if you are in Europe as well, maybe we’ll cross paths.

Trip Note:

I have been given a complimentary pass from Apart from making sure I spell the website correctly I have complete editorial control over my trip, which is a condition of any any free travel that I accept on this site. I only partner with travel products I personally use or would recommend.


  1. Heather Stearns says:

    Congratulations on your winning ticket, James!

    I’m looking forward to keeping up with your adventure and hope to travel on Eurail someday.

  2. How exciting, this is definitely a dream of mine! 

  3. The last time I did a Eurail trip was back in 2003 when I studied abroad. Would LOVE to do another one of Eastern Europe.. Sounds like a great trip you have ahead! 

  4. Renee King says:

    I think the Eurailpass is the exact ticket that I need for my European trip next year.  Congrats!!

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