Where I’m At: Otres Beach, Cambodia

It’s good to be back in Cambodia. I first visited Phnom Penh in 2005 in what was my first visit to Southeast Asia and I loved it the moment I stepped out of the airport and got on the back of a motorbike taxi. I have been back to the region at least once a year ever since, to the point now that I am here for half the year.

Phnom Penh
[Phnom Penh – my first city in Southeast Asia]

I’ve come to Cambodia to see what Phnom Penh is like as working base, and also to see some friends who are here on my way back to Vietnam. I arrived at Phnom Penh airport to be greeted by Anthony and Will. I met Anthony in Chiang Mai earlier this year, and have since been email contact with Will. They are here beefing up in the Battle of Scrawny to Brawny – Man Vs Will Peach Challenge. I’m glad I got here before they got too brawny as they were already bursting out of their shirts when I saw them, making me look even skinnier.

Will, Anthony and James - Phnom Penh
[Will, Anthony and Yours Truly]

Also in Cambodia are Dave and Lauren, who have lured me down to the beach.

[Hanging out with travel blogging glamour couple Dave and Lauren.]

Not that I needed much luring. This is Otres Beach.

Otres Beach Sihanoukville
[Otres Beach]

I’m currently staying in a beach bungalow for $12 a night with remarkably decent internet. While working by the beach is not the best for my productivity, it’s good to be able to hit the beach for a few days while keeping the business ticking over.

Travel Links

Speaking of visiting cities for future potential working base locations, Dan from has done a great podcast on this subject: what is the best place in Southeast Asia for internet entrepreneurs?


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