Where I’m At: Bangkok with bloggers and boats

After making my way to Malaysia last week I was planning to head to Indonesia. Instead I have ended up back in Bangkok (again!) after getting an invitation to attend the Royal Barge Procession rehearsal.

Royal Barge Procession model boat
[Not an actual barge]

This event is only held every few years so I couldn’t pass up the offer. It also gave me a chance to catch up with some travel blogger friends.

Royal Barge Procession bloggers
[Chris, Kevin, James, Dieter, Mark]

There are two rehearsal days before the main event and journalists/media are invited to attend to get a better position for photos as well as getting photos out before the main day. I will publish a photo post next, and if you happen to be in Bangkok on the 9th of November I would highly recommend heading down to the river to see this event.

It was an interesting day out mingling with photo journalists as well. I often get asked if I would like to be guide book writer. That sounds like the hardest travel job in the world to me. I think I will add photo journalist to that list as well. At least event photo journalist. I always appreciate event photography, especially for sporting events, but I know that behind the scenes there is hours of waiting around, shooting hundreds, thousands of shots in the hope of getting that magazine cover shot or feature in a newspaper. It seems to be a competitive business as well, and we saw one skirmish break out over a prime position on the riverside.

Then there is the equipment. I thought I was doing alright with a 150mm lens, but it really showed it limitations when I was surrounded with what looked like bazooka’s with a camera attached. I love photography and I am constantly trying to improve, but I will stick to photography that doesn’t require a personal sherpa to carry my equipment around. I recall this interview with Henry Rollins where he says he only uses a 16-35mm lens, which forces him to get up closer to his subject. I like that philosophy.

Photographers at the Royal Barge Procession
[Waiting patiently for the boats]


  1. That’s so different Refreshing environment in Bangkok, Watching the Boats and of course it gets more active when we get to listen the capturing sound of Camera Shutters around us!

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