Where I Stayed: New King Guesthouse, Delhi – India

When arriving at a new place late at night I like to have my accommodation booked in advance, and this was the case for my trip to Delhi. I stayed at the New King Guesthouse, which I picked for its location, the airport pick up service and most importantly, free wifi.

The booking description said there was wifi in the lobby. I got wifi in my room, so that was a bonus.

I have been warned that guesthouses with wifi in India is not common. I have been spoiled with internet in Southeast Asia, where even the most basic of guesthouses come with wifi as standard.

For that reason I want to give this guesthouse a mention, in the hope that guesthouse across the sub-continent realise what a great benefit it is to provide inroom wifi access. *dreams on*.

I also wanted to mention this guesthouse if only to show the room I stayed in. Introducing… the Austin Powers Suite:

New King Guesthouse Bed
[Austin Powers Suite – yeah baby, yeah!]

The guesthouse is in Paharganj, where the biggest cluster of cheap guesthouses are in Delhi, making it popular for backpackers. It is close to New Delhi train station, which is a ten minute walk to Connaught Place, the heart of New Delhi.

Thankfully they had a airport pickup option, as I may never have found the place. It is tucked away down an un-named lane off the busy market road.

The rate was 350 INR per night ($7.90 USD) and I booked the New King Guesthouse online at Hostelbookers.

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  1. ilham ali says:

    For a $7.90 USDthis hostel looks really nice. When i travel I really do not care much about the hard ware facilities of the hotel/hostel only thing I do care is safety. mostly cheap places are surrounded by dangerously looking people. Maybe i am wrong:)

  2. Hey Jimmy I have to say that following your recommendation we went to this place and it sucked ass!! They overcharged us, took us to some dodgy tourist bureau which they claimed was the official one and tried to tell us that all trains were booked to Agra so we would have to pay them 11,000 rs to take a car, and then they told us that we didn’t pay for the airport pick up which I assumed was free but turned out to cost 500 rps. This place made me sick and angry by the time I left. The stoner at the counter was a jack ass. Take them off your site! :p

    • Ahh, I hate it when I get taken to those “official tourist bureaus”. Someone on the street tried to tell me the same thing. I booked all my train tickets at the “foreigners” window at the train station, so I never give anyone a chance to upsell me something I don’t want.

      I used the airport service from the guesthouse. They emailed me the offer saying it was 500rs straight away, which I had no problem with. I would be crazy angry hough if I thought it was free but it wasn’t, so fair enough.

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