29 Euro train tickets from Budapest to Munich

MÁV, the train operators of Hungary, have special ticket prices from Budapest to locations around Europe. I got a ticket from Budapest to Munich for €29.

Budapest to Munich
[Budapest to Munich]

The tickets aren’t apparent to find online. I only knew about the ticket offer from billboards in Budapest and there is no indication of the special price tickets online. I had to get a local buy the ticket on my behalf before I arrived.

Tickets available from Budapest include:

€29: Venice, Munich
€39: Baden-Baden, Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Zurich, Strasbourg
€42: Frankfurt, Mainz, Bonn

The best way to book this ticket is to use the German Railways booking site bahn.com.

The train from Budapest to Munich is operated by ÖBB of Austria. I was happy to find powerpoints and fold out tables available for laptop users.

ÖBB Power Point
[ÖBB Power Point]


  1. That’s dirt-cheap!
    I took a trip in 2012 between Vienna and Ljubljana and it took roughly 40 EUR out of my pockets.

  2. from which website can I find “€39: Baden-Baden, Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Zurich, Strasbourg” ?

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