Volcán de Agua, Antigua – Guatemala

Volcán de Agua, Antigua - Guatemala

Antigua is a city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with Spanish colonial era buidings and ruined churches (by earthquakes). It’s easy to see why there are so many Spanish language schools and expats living here as it’s so utterly charming.

I arrived in Antigua on a cloudy morning which hid the imposing sight of the Volcán de Agua (Volcano of Water). After a few hours of wandering around the clouds finally lifted and this magnificent sight appeared on the landscape.

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  1. Hey there James!

    You are a globetrotting exemplar! I was in Antigua last year and loved it. (As opposed to the hellhole of Guatemala City you probably had to go through to get there.) Don’t miss the Chocolate Museum there and take the half-day chocolate making class. Eat all you can. You won’t regret it. Combo of caffeine + theobromine overdose got me high as a kite (on accident, but should have known).


    • Thanks Jesse! Antigua was great and I certainly wouldn’t mind staying there for a month or two. The chocolate making class sounds good but I can’t be trusted at anything that involves chocolate and all you can eat 🙂

      I spent a night in Guatemala City, just to see if it was as bad as they say. Yep, go directly to Antigua if you can.

  2. It looks very dramatic! I would love to travel through Central America. Last year I did South America and that part of the world holds a special place in my heart!

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