Urban Cows, Jaipur – India

Holy Cows, Jaipur - India

On my first visit to India I arrived in Mumbai and I was surprised to see cows in the middle of the biggest city in India. Cows are a sacred animal here and they are free to roam the streets, beaches, or anywhere they please really. I saw these cows walking down the the Bazar in the Pink City, Jaipur.

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  1. Nice photo. It’s amazing how different India is. I’m currently in Nepal and it’s something you see from time to time, but nowhere near on the scale as in India, or so i’m told.
    Do cows wander the streets all over India or is it only in certain parts of the country where they can be found roaming freely?

  2. Love to see shots like this. More than once, when I was in Cambodia I’d see cows wandering the streets of towns I visited. Only time it scared me was when I saw one running against traffic during the afternoon rush hour.

    Great shot you got here.

  3. Love the pic. Gorgeous animals!

  4. Hahaha cows in the middle of the road? Seriously? Get a whip and get them in their cages. Kidding aside, can’t wait to check this one out. So similar with one of our adventures in Central America. :p

  5. Cows in India have a certain amount of freedom but, unfortunately, that freedom doesn’t always translate in decent living conditions (particularly in cities). That spotted cow you got in the pic does look healthier than the average though.. nice shot! šŸ™‚

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