[Travel Photo] Union Square, Timisoara – Romania

Timisoara - Romania
[Union Square (Piata Unirii): Still lovely, even on a freezing day.]

I like to think that I am pretty good at placing cities of the world on the map, but there are a surprising number of cities all over Europe that I had not heard of until I started travelling. One such city is Timisoara, in Romania. Some of my friends had told me about the city when I said I was going to Romania, so I made a point to stop here while I was on Eurail. The city is about halfway between Budapest and Bucharest, which makes for a ideal break in the journey.

[I travelled to Timisoara thanks to Eurail.com.]

Travel Photos: Timisoara photo gallery


  1. It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by a place you never heard of or thought you would ever visit… Anguilla and Nashville were that for me. Gorgeous shot and love the one with the fountain in your album.

  2. Great shot!

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