The historic World Heritage Site of Split – Croatia

Split - Croatia

I based my decision to come to Split purely on the Eurail map. This was part of the appeal for me with travelling with a Eurail pass. As this is the first time I have travelled to a European country without a guidebook I had no idea what to expect. Not that I am against guidebooks, it was just that I only had four days at my disposal to travel in Croatia, so it wasn’t worth getting one.

Split is a major ferry port for the islands of Croatia and for Ancona in Italy. I thus imagined Split to be a run down port city, as is often the case with ferry terminal cities around Europe. It turns out that Split is a lovely city with the historic centre being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are cafes everywhere here, and the water front promenade is enabled with free wifi.

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I travelled to Split via rail from Zagreb thanks to


  1. I think Split as my home town deserve much more than few words

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