Talat Yen Plaza, Savannakhet – Laos

Talat Yen Plaza, Savannakhet - Laos

Talat Yen Plaza, Savannakhet – Laos. This town on the Mekong River was once a French trading port. Few colonial era buildings remain.

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  1. There is a French restaurant located just off the right edge of that photograph (can’t remember the name right now) where I satisfied my urge for some farang-food with a delicious medium-rare steak. Happy memories!

  2. anonymous says:

    spent a lot of time standing in that plaza using the free wifi coming from a nearby building 🙂 Love that town and the breafast egg sandwiches!! along main street every morning.

  3. @Andrew always good to have a steak craving answered so well.

    I ended up spending another day here as I found good internet as well.

  4. I loved it the article. I would like to get here.

  5. Photos are looking great, nice to see more of Laos than just tubing.

  6. Songkham9 says:

    Thank you for your precious work. Can you please tell me if there was a big mango tree infront of Talat Yen Plaza in 1970s? 

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