Southern Cross Station, Melbourne – Australia

Southern Cross Station, Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne happens to have not one, but two of my favourite trains stations in the world. The first is Flinders Street Station, and the other is Southern Cross station. The two stations were built about 100 years apart and they are both unique in their architectural style. I like Southern Cross for its wave-shaped roof and how it opens out onto Spencer Street. Whenever I return to Melbourne the station is usually the first place I see in the city as the airport bus terminates here.

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  1. I miss living in Melbourne. So much!

    I never took the train from Southern Cross station, but I took the airport bus many times, so each time I was there, it was a pleasure: a pleasure to leave on some exciting adventure; a pleasure to return to the beautiful city.

  2. Oh Jimmy! Can you believe they are planning to tear down and rebuild Flinders Street Station with some modern rubbish?! I love the character of that station and have so many happy memories there, sitting under the clocks on the steps with friends many many years ago now. Love seeing pictures of home, thanks heaps for sharing.

  3. Nice! How long does it take to ride the train from Sydney? May have to travel that way when I make it to Australia!

  4. that photo really makes the station look impressive, nice work

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