Reading Room at State Library of Victoria, Melbourne – Australia

Reading Room at State Library of Victoria, Melbourne - Australia

Finding free wifi in Australia is surprisingly hard work. I have a have found the availability of free wifi to be better in Mexico and Malaysia than it is in Melbourne. On my last visit here I spent my days visiting cafes to work in, most of which still don’t offer wifi. There is one place though that has free wifi, which happens to be one of my favourite places in Melbourne – The reading room at the State Library of Victoria.

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  1. Veny @MissLaiLai says:

    Hi James, ooh, I like that picture! I love libraries in general, and when I was in Sydney, I loved hanging around in the State Library, and yes, for the free wifi too. I saw many travellers actually working (or doing whatever it was) in the library. Gosh, I miss Sydney lots now.

    I’ll definitely check out the Melbourne State library the next time I am there. Great shot.

  2. Beautiful picture James. It looks like lego. :-)

  3. Abhishek Jain says:


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