Old Town Brasov (in miniature), Brasov – Romania

Old Town Brasov (in miniature), Brasov - Romania

I have a new toy; the Nikon D5100. Apart from learning the ways of a DSLR camera, I am also having fun playing around with the effects feature. One of the inbuilt settings in this camera is the miniature effect (also known as tilt-shift photography). This style of photography has become popular of late, and I am wondering if it is just a passing fad. Either way, here is my contribution to the world of toy town photography.

Brasov sits next to a big hill which overlooks the city. Having a high vantage point so close to the city makes for ideal miniature photography. The church and square of the old town being the focal point, while the rest of the town is miniaturized.

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  1. Love this technique….going to have to try it out on my next trip in Feb.

  2. Cool!  Stumbled this which is awesome, because we will pass through Brasov in a few days!

  3. James, that’s a very cool new feature.  I personally like it a lot more than HDR – a technique I’m quite tired of to honest.

  4. Really got it get over there one day. Really not far from my current residence in Odessa.

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