[Travel Photo] Nha Trang – Vietnam

Nha Trang - Vietnam

After a month of living in Ho Chi Minh City I decided to get out of town for the new years. Nha Trang is about eight hours away by train and ten hours by bus. While it isn’t the greatest beach in SE Asia I like that it’s a city with a beach attached.

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  1. Would you recommend it? We have three weeks left of Vietnam visa, but may be called to a contract in a week or so. So far we’ve only been to Saigon (and a few of the fab cafe’s you recommended) where would you go in Vietnam if you were us?!

    • If you are pressed for time I would go to Hoi An and Hue instead. If you are really itching for a beach I’m told the beaches are decent near Danang, which is near Hoi An.

      • No, we got our beach fix in Cambodia thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have heard good things about Hoi An, will check it out, thank you.

        • Hoi An is definitely an amazing place! I found Nha Trang incredibly disgusting to be honest ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve seen around 15 rats in the day-and-a-half I was there, and I’m not even going to get started on the old Russians with prostitutes. That said, great picture!

          I found Hoi An one of the most relaxed, nicest places I’ve visited in Vietnam. Nice restaurants, not to busy. The Ang Bahn beach is nice, and there are some beachside restaurants with wifi, which makes for a great spot to work!

          • I lucked out in Nha Trang. I booked a place online which turned out to be far away from the tourist ghetto. As for rats, I live in Saigon at the moment so rats are an every day thing here ๐Ÿ™‚

            I went to Hoi An in 2005 and I will be going back again this month. I enjoyed my last visit there and I look forward to seeing what it is like now.

          • We’re thinking of heading to Hoi An tomorrow or the day after depending on what transport we can get (really want a train!).

            If we’re still around when you come up would you fancy meeting up? Would love to meet someone who’s been doing this as long as you have!

  2. Hi Lewis, that would be great to meet up. I’m currently in Saigon though, so not sure if that is in your plan. I will be here until the 20th then heading up to Hoi An for a short trip. Let me know if we can cross paths.

  3. Chris Schwarz says:


    I actually had a plane ticket booked to spend a month in Nha Trang about this time last year, but completely bailed 6 hours before my flight and flew to Hong Kong instead.

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