[Travel Photo] London in red, London – UK

Holborn Bars, London - UK
[London in red]

2013 marked the fifteenth year in a row that I have visited London. That is the longest run I’ve had for any destination, and one that I am happy to continue. It all started in 1999 when I first arrived in London on a working holiday visa. That counted for three calendar years, followed by two years in Dublin (via London), then another decade of hubbing through on he way to somewhere else.

London is such a great walking city. I usually start with the intention of going for a short walk, then several hours later I find I’ve walked half way across the city. On this trip I was staying with a friend in Wapping, in the East of the city, so I spent most of my time walking The City and East End. Walking down Holborn I saw this Red London theme at the Holborn Bars Prudential Assurance building. I just needed a double decker bus to pass by to complete the picture.

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  1. Walking in East London? Sounds dangerous. Way more dangerous than walking Broadway. Has the area smartened up since the Olympic development and property developers swooped in?

    What are you doing in Europe this time?

  2. Great picture.

  3. And inside the London Telephone you’ll find images of… =))

  4. Great picture! I am an ex-pat who grew up in the UK. I always start to reminisce about the old days when I see the old phone booths.

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